Candy Body Con Dress


Ladies our Candy Body Con Dress is the most versatile, easy to wear dress you will over own! It is made of a beautifully rouched and soft nylon spandex, that contours your body, holds you in, and instantly makes you feel sexy! But at the same time this dress is soooo comfortable, you will have no problem being in it all day! You can wear this to work with a blazer over it, and then take the blazer off for a perfect night out dress. Pair it with a moto vest and booties for a more casual look, or with a bold statement necklace for a fancier occasion; this dress easily goes from casual to formal instantly. There are so many ways to style it and this dress can be worn at knee length or shorter, and it stays in place!
*This dress is ONE SIZE FITS ALL up to SIZE 12. Our models range in height from 5' 5" t0 5' 10" & range from Size 0 to Size 12. 

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