Color of the Year


If it weren't for Pantone officially coming out with an official 'Color of the Year' I don't know that I would incorporate some of the colors that I do into my wardrobe. But I have been having so much fun this Spring finding lavender hued pieces that I LOVE & want to wear. So if you've never really cared for lavender or "Radiant Orchid', now you have the perfect excuse to dive in! & start looking! 

 {Top: Coming Soon to BB STYLED} {Shirt: BB STYLED} {Jeans: Privacy-Similar
{Wedges: BCBG-Similar} {Bag: Center Street Boutique-local-Similar
{Earrings: Head Over Heels-local-Similar}

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  1. So cute! I'm so excited to get my hands on that purple top!! I LOVE it!