Because we love you and friends don't let friends not be informed of everything fashion, we have put together a list of 7 Must-Have Autumn Accessories. I know, we are the best ;)

Of course there is such a thing as a Fall Dress. Silly! They are snug & comfy and they make you look really cute!

You can't get through Autumn without a fashionably knitted poncho.  Can't you just picture yourself wearing this at a coffee house with a good book or with your girlfriends and a warm latte in your hands?!

Any kind of vest is good layering for the season and it gives your style extra personality.

If you consider us friends, then by now you know that we are huge believers in scarves! They are perfect!

Autumn is the best time to take your jackets out for a ride! It might be warm during the day but you know you will have wished you put one on the back of your car at night!

Oh, Boots & Booties! We love them too! Shoes can make, break, or take your outfit to the next level! Chose wisely.

And lastly, hats! Don't just use hats to hide a bad-hair day, use it to accessorize!
What are your favorite Autumn Accessories? 


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Photography by JessaKae

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