Dear Followers,

Some of you may have heard of our recent appearance on Gephardt.
It has come to our attention that a few of you were concerned and we can't express how thankful we are for your concern. So have no fear, we are here to clear the air. 

Since it looks like our friends over at Gephardt got their stories mixed up --I wonder how that happened?,  we will give you the scoop!

Our awesome sister company; Mommy's Little Sunshine hosted a sweet deal on beautiful little girl's tulle dress. The deal disclosed that shipping could take up to 45 Business Days to receive the order. Keyword: Business days, not calendar days. Some of our products are chosen with love from our suppliers and manufactures in China. The unsatisfied customer made a second order of two items that were unfortunately quickly sold out. The customer contacted us twice and on both occasions, she was taken care of within 1-3 business days, received a response, and a full refund.

Our response and refund must have not been enough as dear customer went to Gephardt and formed a complaint on.... BBstyled. Gephardt contacted us and we without hesitation let them know of the situation in full detail and let them know that we had already taken care of it. They decided that this would be a great story to spin and asked if they could come in to interview us. 

Because we have nothing to hide, we agreed to the interview.

Little did we know, we were walking into a lion's den. Or should I say, inviting the lion over! Mmm... well, maybe not a lion. More like a kitty-cat running in the wilderness trying to find its way to hang out with the big cubs. 

So, you may be asking "Why even address a false rumor"? Great question!

At first we were all like Long Hair - Don't Care  until we realized that words can hurt wether they are true or not. Because even though Gephardt goes after small companies for complaints under $30 that were taken care of swiftly, even though Gephardt attempts to give an honest and hardworking company a bad name (aka Defamation) all for the sake of filling air time.... we are here to stay.

You may not know this but these wonderful companies, that even though small and new, have made our dreams come true. These companies were started by two single mothers at the time, that decided they wanted to take matters into their hands and provide a life for their families.  Yes, we make mistakes, and we will probably make a few more a long the way, but we will work hard to fix them and we will fight to improve ourselves anyway we can to better serve our lovely customers; AKA the people who keep us in business!
We are here to stay!

Thankful for your support!

If you have any Customer Service related questions, please contact us at

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  1. Two "single moms?" Really? *eye roll*

  2. "These companies were started by two single mothers at the time," Wow. Pretty sure McKinli's own about page says "I started a children's boutique, Mommy's Little Sunshine. About a year and a half after I opened my children's boutique I decided to take on another boutique, this time focusing on Women's Clothing, BB Styled Boutique.", the same "about" page which also talks about her marriage to her husband some 8 years ago. Really? Super shady to try and garner sympathy by claiming to be a single mother. How pathetic.